Our dreams in a row​

Hans Zaaijer Medical Microbiologist

Saving lives with Big Data

“My dream? Protecting the Netherlands from known and unknown viruses. We have an increasingly better understanding of what happens in the body, up to the molecular level. For example thanks to antibodies research. This way we can adjust impetuous, weak, or false immune responses. With the support of Blood For Life, we can develop our knowledge and technology even further.”

Eszter Varga Postdoc researcher

Customized blood for everyone

“My dream? In 20 years, all patients will receive blood transfusions with lab-grown red blood cells. Each drop is exactly matched to the recipient’s blood group so that no immune response can occur.”

Daphne Thijssen Directeur Sanquin Bloodbank

Curing people indefinitely

“My dream? Within 20 years, patients with congenital blood diseases will be cured by gene therapy. They are then given their own repaired stem cells. That way, they are able to produce healthy blood themselves so that they are no longer dependent on regular blood transfusions.”

Gerald de Haan Director Sanquin Research

Treat cancer with blood

“My dream? Treating cancer patients with the body’s own blood cells, effectively and without side effects. By training the body’s own blood cells to become soldiers and then injecting them back into the body, where they attack the tumor. Our research is focused on discoveries and the application of these new capabilities.”