What we do

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Who is doing it

Hans Zaaijer, Medical Microbiologist

Saving lives with Big Data

“My dream? Protecting the Netherlands from known and unknown viruses. We have an increasingly better understanding of what happens in the body, up to the molecular level. For example thanks to antibodies research. This way we can adjust impetuous, weak, or false immune responses. With the support of Sanquin Research Fund, we can develop our knowledge and technology even further.”

Who we do it for

Manjo's dream?

“Making sure that I, my loved ones and the entire Netherlands stay healthy.”

“My mother is a blood donor, just like me. One day she received a message from the blood bank: there was something wrong with her blood values. Following a medical examination, my mother was told that she had an inflamed colon. ulcerative colitis. She had to undergo many treatments and operations. Thanks to her donorship, it was discovered in time and they were able to start treatment quickly.”

What we need

With your donation to the Blood For Life | Sanquin Research Fund we can conduct even more research into blood, to warn donors at an early stage that something might be wrong but also to detect new or emerging diseases at an early stage. This way we avoid expensive treatments or extra pressure on healthcare.

Saving lives with Big Data

Hundreds of thousands of people regularly donate blood at Sanquin blood bank. Sanquin keeps track of a lot of donation data – in a secured way of course. This data provides valuable insights . For example we were able to monitor how immunity developed during the corona pandemic.
But large-scale analysis of blood can also enable that we identify new or emerging diseases at an early stage, so that action can be taken quickly and we can avoid expensive treatments or extra pressure on healthcare. Sanquin researchers are therefore eager to expand this research further in the coming years